How good is your health?

How good is your health?

How good is your Health?

Meridian Energy
Balance Screening

For those of you who have tried acupuncture and experienced its amazing health benefits, you would have heard the term “Qi” or “Chi” before.  Simply put, Qi is the vital force behind everything, everything is Qi at differing densities (even Einstein has made these claims!).


Qi can become deficient or it can become blocked!  If it is deficient, it needs supplementing or building.  If there is blockage, the obstruction needs to be cleared and the flow needs to be regulated again.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each organ system in the body requires a certain level of Qi to perform its functions.  If an organ and meridian system is Qi deficient or there is obstruction to the flow, then functions aren’t performed effectively and your health suffers!  For example, the bowels may become sluggish and constipated if we do not have sufficient Qi in the bowels or if the Qi is blocked and stagnant.

As another example, TCM principles say our Spleen and Stomach are responsible for producing Qi through the foods and fluids we consume.  Skipping meals, eating on the run, and poor diet choices means we won’t be getting adequate nutrition from our food and results in low Qi production.  On top of that, if we aren’t digesting our food well and absorbing those nutrients into the bloodstream, it can lead to more serious, chronic health symptoms such as:  low immunity, irritable bowel, stress, headaches, weight loss/gain, nausea, chronic exhaustion and other various imbalances.


So in effect:  our Qi is vital!


The AcuGraph system is a revolution in modern acupuncture.

By applying modern science to ancient techniques, one can literally SEE THE Qi !!


AcuGraph meridian screening is now part of your Oriental Medicine treatments.
Get your PERSONAL screening now!

Using AcuGraph, each meridian will be measured and the data collected will be presented in an easy to read report and graph format.  A personal treatment strategy will then be tailored according to the evidence-based findings.

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