Discover the Power of your Creativity

Discover the Power of your Creativity

Discover the power of your creativity with this special introductory
Art Therapy session.

First Session available at the discounted rate of
$75 or $50 for Student/Pensioner
(Student/pensioner Card required).
Offer Expires 18 July, 2012.


Art Therapy is a client centred therapy that uses art and image as a way for you to utilize your more creative, unconscious self for your own empowerment. Art Therapy sessions are based around the belief that you already have the inner strength and wisdom needed to empower yourself and the potential to use that inner strength and wisdom as a guide in your life.

This non directive creative approach to therapy that recognises your ability to make changes in your own life and that a better understanding of the self can be gained if the knowledge comes from within.

Art Therapy can be used to assist in healing many ailments and areas of our lives. From Loss of Meaning/direction, self-esteem problems, stress, Anxiety, Depression and grief to issues with sleep and identity. Art therapy can bring us insight and clarity on the triggers and root causes of our thoughts and behaviours and offer us tools and choice in how we manage those thoughts and behaviours.

An Art Therapy session is primarily focused around client centred counselling or therapy. Art and creative processes are used as part the session to utilise the more intuitive and expressive self. Following an art process a meaning making process called amplification is used to assist in drawing personal meaning from the artwork and art process, this meaning can then be integrated and linked back to other areas of your life.


Through creativity you too can discover your own unique resources to empower, strengthen and heal yourself. In this way, through your own self-realization, you can access and carry those resources with you for the rest of your life.


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