Energy Healing – embrace Spring!

Energy Healing – embrace Spring!

Energy Healing – a complete energy “spring clean”




According to traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element principles, all of the seasons flow into each other and in an ideal situation at this time of year, winter (water element) gives way to spring (wood element). In this cycle, there is an ease and sense of flow which is reflected in nature-just as new shoots begin to appear through the earth at this time, we ideally begin to feel more active and ready to head into the warmer months.

Winter was all about conserving energy, going inwards, keeping warm and properly nourished. However as the cold weather outside starts to give way to the warmth of spring, some of us may find ourselves stuck in the old and not quite ready to embrace the new season. The good news is there is a complementary therapy approach that can assist us embrace spring with renewed vigour.

Energy Healing is a gentle, calm and supportive therapy which can help restore your natural energy flow in your body to assist you to feel less stuck, more energized and ready to shed the last remnants of winter. Spring is the natural time to kick-start the body’s natural detoxification process, as the accumulation feeling which we need to support us through the winter somehow feels too heavy for us now as the weather brightens and warms up.

Sometimes it takes a little while for us to ‘thaw out’ after the winter season, and we may experience a  heightened sensitivity, feeling overwhelmed or afraid, or not really trusting in our lives. The last thing we may feel like doing is going with the flow and getting some movement going in our lives.

In spring, some of us may jump straight into physical detoxification programs including diet and exercise, yet may not realize that there are other ways of supporting this shift into the new season and detoxification on all levels. Sometimes our well intentioned plans for spring fall short of our expectations- ever felt heavy and not energized enough to pick up your gym bag to start the whole process of feeling more energized in your life? We all know that it takes energy and movement to create energy, and there is a way of supporting this process naturally.

Energy Healing can assist by clearing and helping you so that you feel lighter and ready to move on from the old season to ‘spring clean’ your complex energy system. This can be done through energy techniques such as meridian clearing, a combination of ‘hands on’ and ‘hands off’ healing, colour and or sound therapy or a number of other methods.  Supporting the clearing process energetically can assist you to let go of that hibernation feeling, and feel flushed with energy ready to face spring with increased calmness and vitality.



Spring Special:  Embracing Spring Offer!


For bookings made before the 30th September, enjoy a 1 hr rejuvenating Energy Healing ‘spring clean’ for only $80 (a saving of $20).


To take advantage of this special offer contact Heidi on 0410 552 588 or