Spring Clean for the Body!

Spring Clean for the Body!

SPRING CLEAN for the Body!


“Can acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help me to lose weight?”


This is a question I am often asked by patients, and the answer is “YES”.  Their next question is invariably, “How does it work?”


The explanation will vary from patient to patient, as it depends on what it is that’s preventing the weight loss, or causing the weight gain.  But most importantly, in order to lose weight, one needs a proper foundation of exercise, good quality sleep and a correct approach to food and eating.

First, we must take a look at what are the obstacles preventing someone from achieving their weight loss goal.  Some of these obstacles are:

  1. chronic injuries and pain;
  2. a lack of energy that prevents them from exercising;
  3. not sleeping well lowers energy and causes them to hold onto weight; and
  4. improper eating, either due to a lack of knowledge or will.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have a long history in helping people recover from injury and chronic pain, improve sleeping patterns and boosting energy levels.  The final and important part of the foundation, eating correctly, requires proper guidance on nutrition.

As we all know, there are endless weight loss programs out there and most of them work well to help people lose weight.  However, most who are able to lose weight then struggle trying to keep it off in the long term.  There are a couple reasons why these programs fail to keep the weight off.  First, they often have a “one size fits all” approach and in some cases, have rigid protocols that are difficult to maintain after the program ends.  Second, the ultimate goal of most weight loss programs is just that – to lose the weight and fast.  Though this sounds good to most of us who are always looking for that quick fix, in reality, quick fixes tend not to have long term success.

This is no exception with weight loss as losing weight quickly is not physiologically healthy.  Generally, when one loses weight fast, they are losing muscle mass.  As one loses muscle, their metabolic rate slows down.  This makes it that much easier to gain weight.  So, several months after the initial victory, the weight slowly creeps back on much to our dismay.

I base my weight loss programs on using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork and Oriental nutritional principles.  As with acupuncture and herbal medicine, Oriental nutrition is based on balancing each individual’s energetic system and optimizing their overall health.  Through food, we are able to balance your body’s physiology and energy so it functions more efficiently.  This approach differs from western nutritional advice as it does not focus on counting calories or making rigid dietary plans.

The key to long-term success, is addressing those underlying obstacles and energy blocks.  With Oriental nutrition, the focus is to educate you on the energetic properties of food and how those complement you as an individual.  When you ingest foods that suit your energetics, your body will respond better naturally.

Based on your individual TCM diagnosis, your treatment program will be tailored to what most appropriately suits your body energetically.  This will allow you to feel more energized, and within a short period of time you will notice you are shedding the kilos as well.


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