Learning Difficulties?

Learning Difficulties?

Spring Special

Overcome learning difficulties and meet your full potential!


There are many important skills that we need to develop in order for us to advance.  However, in some children these skills don’t develop effectively and they may have difficulties with learning, coordination and balance.  These difficulties can be due to a variety of reasons, but are usually due to improper integration of reflexes.

Reflexes are out of our conscious control.  Therefore if certain reflexes do not develop correctly, it can have a distressing impact on a child’s life which may even extend into adult life.

Reflexes are hierarchical in nature, which means that the integration of one reflex may impact on another reflex.  A child or adult may experience continuing difficulties with learning, social skills, coordination or balance if one or more reflexes fail to appropriately develop.

However, by using a combination of Kinesiology and Homoeopathy the underlying causes of these learning difficulties can be addressed and improvements in a wide variety of areas can occur.  These may include: hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, dexterity, balance, posture, articulation, comprehension, memory, organisational skills, anxiety and self-esteem.

Overcoming your learning difficulties and nurturing new skills can be an extraordinary and life-changing process!


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