Life Coaching…we all need it!

Life Coaching…we all need it!

Live an Amazing Life


Are you feeling stuck in your relationship?

Are you overwhelmed by your responsibilities?



You can have a successful relationship, be able to juggle different roles in your life, and get practical solutions and strategies to live an amazing life.

Enhance my Romance & Life Program:

90 days, consists of 12 sessions (9 single and 3 couple time)

It is designed for busy people who needs support in achieving their goals, live in alignment with their values and have a strong intimate relationship with their partners.  This will be suitable for women/couples whose relationships are starting to get a little bit cold and start living on automatic pilot (like a robot) and have lack of direction.

Some of the aspects of life that will be covered are about Goals & Purpose, Listening & Communication, Love Languages & Intimacy.


Juggling with Joy and Ease Program:

120 days, consists of 16 full sessions (12 alone and 4 couple time), plus 8 emails or 8×15 minutes Skype coaching in between for extra support.

It is designed for people who are overwhelmed with their chaotic lives due to many roles they have to juggle and need extra support to keep their mind and relationship sane.  This will be suitable for women/couples who have recently relocated, had a baby, have a new business, etc.

Some of the aspects of life that will be covered are about Self Care & Time Management, Values & Priorities, Love Languages & Intimacy.


Couple Powerhouse Program:

90 days, consists of 12 couple time sessions.

It is designed for those special couples who have big visions in life and are ready to tackle the world and grow together from the get go.  It will be suitable for business partners or busy couples that have similar level of awareness.

Some of the topics involved are about Goals & Purpose, Boundaries & Expectations, Gratitude & Affirmation.


Wheel Alignment Program:

6 months, consists of 6 monthly sessions, single or couple time.

For people who have completed one of the first 3 programs and want to keep focus and be accountable for their goals.  They place a high priority on successful life and relationship.



With her holistic approach, Ingrid supports people to operate in life from the heart and soul, not only from the mind.  She inspires people to be who they really are.


Discover more about yourself and the steps to building a successful relationship and living an amazing life!



Call or email Ingrid today to find out which program will be suitable for you.
Sessions can be done in the clinic or via Skype.  By appointment only.



For more information on Life Coaching contact Ingrid on 0413 161 616 or