“Mind Mechanics” for stressed out people

“Mind Mechanics” for stressed out people

For so many of us, life has become so busy and stressful, it has begun to feel like a roller-coaster ride that we can’t seem to get off.  We are spending increasingly long hours working hard in and outside the home.  Others face a daily battle to find work in the current economic environment.  We are anxious about our financial affairs.  We feel guilty that we don’t spend enough time with our family and friends.  We never seem to have the time to get things done or to simply enjoy ourselves.  We live in an age where our lives have been hijacked by technology, leaving us socially isolated with little time to really switch off & just relax.  Sadly, we’re often oblivious to the effects of the daily obstacles we face until our ability to function becomes so compromised it’s necessary to seek help from a qualified professional, such as a counsellor or social worker.

Social work encompasses many similar aspects to clinical psychology.  It also involves counselling or providing therapeutic support, however, the key to social work is the exploration of our social circumstances, our environment, and support systems.  Social workers refer to this model of clinical support as ‘person in environment’.  The person in environment model provides an holistic framework that enables a social worker and their client to consider the many factors that are responsible for our wellbeing, including emotional, biological, spiritual, cultural, social, mental, and material aspects.  Where appropriate and if requested by their clients, in addition to providing therapeutic support through counseling, social workers support their clients in many practical ways, including psycho-educational support through the teaching or strengthening of certain skills, increasing resources, and psycho-social support focusing on fostering familial and community connections.

Some areas that help is available include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting problems and behaviour management strategies
  • Relationship problems
  • Self-esteem & body image
  • Postnatal depression


The focus of these interventions is to assist clients enhance their capacity for resilience, determine their goals for the future, and help them identify any challenges or barriers.  This may involve family as well as individual counselling, and group therapy.


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