Osteopath Dr Adrian Kmita joins the team…

Adrian has a many talents, not only is he an osteopath but also a writer, author and producer.   Adrian has several techniques that he utilises when treating patients.  He incorporates cranial techniques, joint mobilisation, muscle stretching and soft tissue techniques, which involve gentle release of the muscles and balancing of the ligaments.

Adrian has experience with treating children and patients during pregnancy, but particularly specialises in treating patients with postural alignment issues and repetitive strain injuries as well as headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain.  He also has a keen interest in managing sports related injuries and has treated dancers and athletes.

Adrian’s knowledge also extends to specific exercise prescription for various musculoskeletal conditions in addition to healthy nutrition and pain management strategies.  Adrian’s management focuses on encouraging a healthy lifestyle, integrating alignment between the body, mind and spirit.


Book an Osteopathic appointment with Adrian during the month of June and July and receive $20.00 OFF your initial appointment.


For more information or to make an appointment with Adrian call 1300 738 047 or book online by clicking here….