Why its OK to put yourself FIRST

Why its OK to put yourself FIRST

Winter is here.  The cold and dark environment often brings a darker mood on our horizon.  Or is it simply because you have been trying to supress your stress as a result of juggling responsibilities between your children, house chores, life partner, work, study?  Or perhaps lack of sleep and no time for yourself?

If you are a high achiever kind of person and don’t have much of a support system, you can put yourself in a danger zone of having a meltdown.  Please remember that if we don’t nurture ourselves, we can’t be fully there 100 percent for the people that we love.


Here are some tips not just on how to survive the winter months, but to soar and be the best person you can so that you can live an amazing life:

  • Put yourself FIRST.  At least once a month set a date with yourself to fully love yourself.  You have been giving and caring for others, what do you give to yourself?  Guilt and shame that may come up due to our conditioning over the years, LET THEM GO.
  • Ask for support.  There is no shame in asking for help.  Give your friends/family a chance to love your children and look after them whilst you have a ‘ME’ time.
  • Book a hotel room so you can sleep-in without interruptions, go out of town, book a coaching or personal training session, a facial, a hot stone massage,  meditate, sing, dance, cook, have a long bath, have several of good cries; whatever that makes you feel good so you can find solitude, reconnect with your true-self and re-energize your whole system.
  • Make a list for your partner of things that you would like them to do for you that are not material items.  Be open to your other half about your stress level and communicate from a heart level.  Perhaps a day at the beach or in bed.  Non-material ways of giving create intimacy that lasts.
  • Be grateful.  Say the following to your closest ally in a quiet-reflective moment (in daily meditation will be perfect):  “I give thanks for the blessings I receive each day. I am grateful of ….”  Mention at least 10 things/events/people that you are grateful of in your life.  Watch how inspired both of you will feel.  Heart-felt gratitude is one of those things that you cannot fake.
  • Align your heart’s desire and thoughts then put it into action.  Now that you are in a different head-space, embrace new opportunities and do only things that you love or your highest values.  Money and other forms of life rewards will flow (Happy days!).


I can provide support to turn your mess into success with my 7-step system.  All you need to do is call 1300 78 04 57 now.  I have no doubt that you will have a successful relationship and an amazing life.  Until next time, look after yourself and start being selfish!



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