Are you ready to celebrate this festive Season?

Are you ready to celebrate this festive Season?

Tribe of the Tree’s flower essence Moment in Time reminds you that there’s no time like the present. Embrace it with an open heart and an open mind. The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant that is used in Moment in Time has many phases and loves all of them equally. The preparation to flowering, the flowering which passes from Purple then mauve and finally to white and when the flowers have wilted away and it is ‘just a bush’ with green leaves and ‘nothing special to look at’.

The festive season is a time to celebrate and connect with our loved ones but unfortunately many of us use this time to review and reflect on our life in a critical way. We say things like “my life was so much better before they did this to me” or “I’ll be happy when I lose 5 kilo’s”. Everything in your life doesn’t need to meet your criteria of being perfect in order to be worthy of celebration. There is always perfection in the present moment even if the circumstances aren’t exactly as you’d like, developing the awareness to recognize you are in the right place at the right time is the key. Moment in Time helps you anchor in the present and encourages you to find happiness in the lead up to your dreams coming true. When we find happiness, our connections with our loved ones and festive season celebrations become a source of joy and inspiration rather than a chore.

We all have one of those friends that we call the life of the party, lively and fun to be around. Imagine the day of a party for her. She loves the process of getting ready for a party. What shall she wear? Who might she meet there? This is not a chore; it is an exciting time on a Saturday afternoon. The joy of the party itself has already started, and she wouldn’t miss this part of the ritual for anything. It’s FUN.

Then the party starts. There are people to connect with, cocktails to enjoy. Everything is buzzy and joyful. There is no other moment or place in time than this one. A little later, the party turns a bit mellow. There might even, sometimes, be romantic connections forming. Or there might not. There might just be D and M’s between new friends and old. This part of the party is no less precious a moment of the party than any other. In fact, sometimes it is the highlight.

Then, suddenly, just when everyone’s thoughts are turning to bed, someone suggests going dancing. Woohoo. Laughing, moving, living like there’s no moment more important than the one between the beats of the music. Because there’s not.

And on Monday when everyone is back at work even though the party is over you know the regaling of the stories at the office is an important part of the party ritual too. The reliving is an exercise in reconnecting with the party energy and sharing it with others.

Whether your getting ready for, dancing at or reliving the party every stage of your life has it’s own joy and perfection and is worthy of celebration. Sometimes we just need an energetic nudge to remember how.

If you are resentful or sorrowful about the past or are waiting for a future goal or event to find happiness an energetic healing session may help you find it now in this moment in time.


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