Reiki Introductory Offer

Reiki Introductory Offer

Reiki Introductory Offer


All Book your first Reiki session with Trudie McConnochie and pay just $65 (normally $90).  This offer is valid until September 30, 2015 – so do your stress levels a favour and BOOK IN TODAY!



Reiki is a form of energy healing that will make you feel brand new. That’s because it’s working on a deep level to clean out toxic, heavy energy that’s dragging you down and creating blocks or issues in your life.

This ancient Japanese form of healing was devised by Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist priest, in 1920. Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) translates as: rei = spiritual energy/wisdom; ki = life force energy (this is the energy known in other spiritual practices as prana, kundalini or chi).

It works with the seven chakras (the main energy centres in the body) to realign the flow of life force energy through the body to achieve a state of balance, harmony, health and wellbeing – as well as a healthy connection to the self, others and the universe.

When there are energy blocks present in your energy system due to negative emotions, stress or an overload of toxic substances there will be interference to the flow of ki energy. The result will be a state of disconnect, disproportionate reactions to people and situations, anxiety, a feeling of being blocked or constantly run down as well as physical illness.

As well as addressing ailments such as fatigue, sleeplessness and emotional issues, reiki is perfect for stress relief. It’s also ideal for a general tune-up, with many clients opting for a reiki session once a month to maintain optimum wellbeing.

The extra dimension Trudie brings to her reiki sessions is her intuitive connection with the angelic realm, which means she can tune in to your guardian angels in order to glean deep insights about where healing is needed in your physical and emotional bodies.


For more information please contact Trudie on 0401 412 230 or email