Time to Meditate!

Time to Meditate!

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mindful practice designed to promote relaxation and bring about a sense of wellbeing and centeredness.  The practice of meditation involves bringing a focus to the moment that is present, you in this moment right now; with this focus we can leave the worries, thoughts, and concerns in their place.  Though this focus we can achieve not only a sense of relaxation and relief, but also a sense of understanding and clarity that continues well after the meditation session is finished.

How will a meditation session run?

A meditation session begins with finding a bodily position that will suit and be comfortable for you (it is important that in the beginning the practice is flexible to allow you to find what it is for you that will allow you the best possible outcomes), the focus then moves to the breath, through the breath we will move through body sensations and thoughts, then into relaxation.  From here and depending on the session, we may move through a visually guided meditation, through your own personal inner landscape or simply experience and focus through deep relaxation.  Sessions will always end with the journey back from where you have been during the session, to ensure that you always leave feeling, relaxed, but alert and grounded.


Meditation has a long history, particularly in specific religious faiths.  For example, in Buddhism where the practice is used for the purpose of centring and self-reflection, this practice is available to everyone.  This is also similar to Hinduism where the practice is used to create a more holistic mind and body connection for the purpose of inner observation.  It can also be said that there are similarities in Christian faiths, with the use of prayer.

Meditation as we know it today began to spread to the western world through faiths such as Buddhism and Hinduism as early as the 1920’s, but focused less on the spiritual and more upon relaxation, reflection and self-realisation.  In the 1960’s and 1970’s there was a significant rise in the practice of this more broad style of meditation, which could have been as a result of rebellion to traditional belief systems, with meditation offering an alternative.  This alternative way of finding inner clarity and centring is still widely popular and practiced all over the world today.

Uses and Benefits of Meditation

Aside from relaxation, focus, and clarity, meditation is a great way to bring you into the present.  Though this presence, meditation can help you deal with situations as they arise throughout your daily life.  Meditation like anything in life, becomes more effective with continued practice, the ability to remain in the moment, to use breath and bodily sensation to remain focus is a skill that can be strengthened.  Through this strength, meditation can assist not only with stress and anxiety, but with depression, life direction, as well as grief and loss, just to name a few.


Meditation Classes are available on Wednesdays at 6pm with Jodie


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