Do you Worry too Much?

Do you Worry too Much?

Nowhere is it written that you came into this life for the express purpose of worrying or being serious. Worrying is an easy habit to fall in to. But have you ever stopped and thought about what it is you’re actually doing? When you worry, you cast your consciousness forward in time, and anxiously imagine a range of different situations (none of them good, and most of which will never eventuate) and try to figure out how you’re going to handle them. Worrying doesn’t just have negative effects on your state of mind – it also prevents you from being truly present here and now. Who wants to waste a precious moment focusing on imaginary bad stuff that may or may not happen in the future? Far more pleasurable to enjoy the present moment! So, how can you get out of the habit of being a worrywart? Read on for some insights courtesy of the Conesticks bush, secret ingredient in Tribe of the Tree’s flower essence, Lighten Up, Buttercup.

Think about the lights on a Christmas tree for a moment. None of them on their own is particularly bright. If there were only a single one hanging on the tree, you might not even notice it at all.

But string them all together and they become a beautiful and eye-catching spectacle. When the Christmas tree’s lights are on, it’s easy to sit in the corner of your lounge room and just gaze at it.

Not much in the room has actually changed, but the whole atmosphere is different, and it’s largely because the lights draw your attention.

There are many moments in your day when there are tiny little points of light and joy that you could focus on. But if you’re spending your time thinking about negative situations, or are off in the future worrying about things that may never happen, those moments of delight are unlikely to register on your consciousness.

Stopping to notice those tiny moments of beauty and joy brings you a momentary pleasure. Get into the habit of noticing them regularly, and before you know it your day will be comprised of a whole string of little happy events, and the environment around you might just seem completely different.

Lighten Up, Buttercup reminds you to re-focus your attention and let more light into your life.

You see, when you’re focusing on what brings you joy, makes your heart sing or tickles your senses, there’s no room in your consciousness for doom and gloom, it simply falls away.

Give it a try – focus on the light for a while and see how you feel!


If you are prone to being a bit of a worrywart, a plant energy healing session might just do the trick to help you focus on the lighter side of life.

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