New Year: New Plan!

New Year: New Plan!

Christmas and holiday season is here!  So many things to do in so little time.  As we have the urge to shop and spend more money than ever throughout the year, sometimes we have the fear at the back of our mind that we might not have enough to survive the following months.

Sharing my personal experience a while ago, as the Baby Bonus from the government dried up, my mind often went into panic-mode.  How could I save more money to buy our daily needs?  How could I pay off my debt as soon as possible so I could start saving for a property deposit, which was a very important step to make our dream a reality?  Should we (husband and I) stop dining out at all so we don’t ‘waste’ money? (my automatic response:  Oh no!  It’s my reward for my hardwork!  I don’t want to deprive myself of it.)

  • Think positively and create more income rather than conserve every penny.  If you allow the fear and the long-held patterns of lack to go berserk, you would dry up your ‘well of prosperity’.  God or the Universe does not lack, lack only exists in our minds.  Any stingy tendencies, even with yourself, cutting us off from the Divine supply.  It is about the flow of energy.  We are creative creatures.  We have unique skills that others are looking for and willing to pay money for.
  • Make a decision to trust God or the Universe to provide.  You can be certain that you will be looked after, you will be fine.
  • Change certain things around your house or business that energetically showing that you are open for business.
  • Shop according to your highest values and stick to your budget.  There are many ways of saving some money without starving yourself.  In my case, by cooking more at home, we had more control of our diet.  All is well.


Yes, it is difficult to face the unknown without support.  The good news is, I have developed the 7-step system so you may have a successful relationship and amazing life.  Having a coach in your life is like having an employee of your company, your company being your life.  I am in it for the long haul, to support you and transform your life from mess to success.

If you want and need immediate stress relief and support, or to have time and energy to rekindle your passion in your relationship, don’t wait until you are ready (have more money, more time, more energy etc ).  Change will not happen until you are willing to create a plan, take action and be accountable towards achieving your goals.


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